The Lancashire & Yorkshire Railway Society
Website, eCommerce

What was needed
The Lancashire & Yorkshire Railway Society came to us with a clear idea of what they needed their website do to, and it had to fit with their design guidelines. There were set colours that had be used along with a set font and style. They also needed a shop connected to the site for the purchase memberships, renew memberships and purchase books.

What we did
We spent time talking to the committee members so we could understand exactly what they required. This allowed us to go away and put a design together we felt would work for them. Once this was agreed, the website was built around Expression Engine. This would allow the members to create pages and update them quickly and easily.

Phase two of the build was adding the shopping area to allow memberships and book sales.

How we did
The website was an instant success with members able to join and renew online for the first time. It allowed the society to make a lot of their data and research available to the public in the hope of gaining new members.


On behalf of the Society I would like to thank you very much indeed for all the hard work you put into developing and launching our new website... The facilities for online membership and sales have already brought a lot of revenue to the Society which, with the old website, we would not have had.
— Martin Nield, Secretary

The officers were so impressed with the introduction and flawless performance of the new Society website... The website really is a credit to your organisational and professional skills. Easy to navigate and/or order from it really does exemplify all we try to do.
— Noel Coates - The Lancashire & Yorkshire Railway Society